Advice For Interns
4 months ago | Internships
Advice For Interns

I know we all find it so pressurizing when we reach the point where we want to build our careers and be successful in certain fields. Internship is the first step towards building your career . You can basically take it as a base for making or building your career. As we all know, if the base of a building  is weak then that building doesn’t last long. It will easily get destroyed in one go. So, we must be serious about our internships as well. If we make our internship days effective and productive then we will reach a certain peak where we will be living our dreams.


How to make your Internship effective?

  1. Research and Analysis : You must perform different research for the organization you are applying for. You must know the details about the job they are offering, basically the job description. Similarly, one must know the history and the objective of the particular organization. It depicts how serious and interested the  intern is.

  1. Record of the research:  You must keep the record of all the research you do or perform by which you can easily get to know which organization is best for us and you will apply there. You will also be known about to what extent the particular organization fulfills our expectations and requirements towards the internship.

  1. Increase skills : To stand out in a particular organization or company you  must increase your skills first. If you are skillful enough then the company themselves won’t have a second thought in hiring you as an intern. Basically having more skills will help you excel in the particular field and get known fast among other interns  inside  the organization.

  1. CV update: CV is a brief account of a person's education, qualifications, and previous occupations, typically sent with a job application. After increasing your skills you must add those skills or new things that you’ve learnt in the CV. This will increase the weight of the CV and also increase the chances of getting selected for the job from a whole bunch of applicants.

There are competitions everywhere. Knowing this, we must not get hopeless and sit still. But instead we must accept the challenge and come out of our comfort zone. And also let the world know about our existence. Internship is the time where you either shine or shadow yourself. The choice is yours.

So interns pull off your socks and get working cause you have miles to go.


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