Press Release: Saral Meet 2078

SARAL MEET 2078Mangsir 03, 2078Pokhara, NepalOn Thursday,2nd  Mangsir Saral Meet 2078 was organized by Skybase Innovations Pvt Ltd at Hotel Task. The main event was targeted to make the respected guests who were the principals of different colleges and schools know about Saral Connect - an education management system. The schools who attended the event were Social Public School, Nawadeep English Boarding School, Srijana Secondary Boarding School , Saint Francis School and Hillpoint Higher Secondary School.        CEO of Skybase Innovations Pvt. Ltd. ER.  Sonam Hitang gave  introduction about Saral Connect saying  “Saral Connect is an app built to digitize each and every schools and colleges in Nepal and make easier access of education to all students." He further added what positive changes Saral Connect will bring in the education system in Nepal.  Likewise, Sales and Marketing Executive Miss Rosni Gurung presented the challenges for  an education management system in Nepal and how Saral connect will efficiently address it.        This was the first Saral Meet event which will be conducted every year from now on where there will be exchange of ideas, views and information. This will be the platform for both the schools and Skybase Innovations Pvt. Ltd. to grow and make changes for an ideal education system. The guest were quite touched with  Saral Connect Team and commended with praise.About Our Company:Skybase Innovation Pvt. Ltd is a Software company which develops apps website with best UI/UX designs. 

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