My Internship Experience: Reshma Khadka [Quality Assurance]
5 months ago | Internships
My Internship Experience: Reshma Khadka [Quality Assurance]

Hello and welcome to my QA internship experience blog! It's been three months since I started my QA internship at Skybase innovations, and it's been an incredible learning experience. I've gained valuable knowledge and skills that I know will be beneficial to me throughout my career.

As a quality assurance intern, my main responsibilities were to test the functionality and user experience of various software applications and websites, write and execute test cases, track and document defects, and work closely with the development team to ensure that issues were properly addressed and resolved.

I was given the opportunity to work on real-world projects, providing me with a hands-on understanding of the QA process. I learned how to create and execute test plans, write and maintain test cases, and use various testing tools and techniques. I also gained an understanding of the importance of clear and effective communication in a team setting, as well as the value of attention to detail and thorough testing.

In addition to testing, I also had the opportunity to participate in quality assurance meetings and contribute to the development of new processes and standards for the team. I learned a lot about how to effectively communicate with cross-functional teams and how to prioritize tasks to ensure that the products we were working on met the highest standards of quality.

One of the most rewarding parts of my internship was being able to see the direct impact of my work on the final products. It was fulfilling to know that my efforts were helping to improve the user experience and ensure that the products we were releasing were of the highest quality.


Some general skills and knowledge that I have learned during a QA internship:

  1.           Testing methodologies and approaches:  I have learned about different types of testing, such as unit testing, integration testing, and           acceptance testing, and how to plan and execute these tests.
  2.             Debugging and troubleshooting: I have learned how to identify and fix defects in software or systems, as well as how to use tools and techniques to find and resolve issues.
  3.          Communication and teamwork: You may have learned how to effectively communicate with team members and stakeholders about your testing efforts, as well as how to collaborate with others to achieve common goals.
  4.         Quality assurance processes: I have learned about the principles and best practices of quality assurance, including how to define and measure quality, how to create and maintain testing documentation, and how to manage and track defects.

Overall, a QA internship can provide valuable hands-on experience and learning opportunities that can help you develop your skills and knowledge in the field of quality assurance.


Overall, my internship was an incredibly valuable learning experience. I gained an understanding of the quality assurance process and the importance of thorough testing in the software development cycle, gained experience in testing software applications and websites, participated in quality assurance meetings, and contributed to the development of new processes and standards. I also gained valuable skills in problem-solving and communication, which I know will serve me well in my future career.

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