My Internship Experience: Alson
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My Internship Experience: Alson

During my 4th semester of software engineering at Gandaki college of Engineering and Science, I joined my first internship on PHP, Laravel at Skybase Innovations.

The 3 month internship program started and ended from 2021/02/14 to  2021/05/14 was really educational as well as fun. My colleagues at the office were very helpful and guided me through each learning process.

Today I am going to share some of the valuable lessons during my internship at Skybase.

Things I learned

Maintainable Code

When working in the wild, it's not always a single man's job so teams collaborate to work on the same project for a long time. Writing a well maintained code helps not only the team members but ourselves while dealing with bugs and fixes later on the project.

Better version commits

Version control systems are great as we can track every change to the project virtually from anywhere and work collaboratively with each other.  But a bad commit can take out all the meaning of version control systems. Hence writing a good commit helps a lot.

Things I learned regarding Laravel

Laravel Basics

I got to learn all the basics the Laravel framework provides including clear MVC pattern, Routes, Blade format, Eloquent, migrations and many more. The artisan Command is a useful and powerful tool to automate many tedious boiler codes.

Laravel Advanced

After laravel basics I also learnt a lot about some more advanced stuff in laravel. That includes Providers, event listeners , observers, shechudlers, API routes , middlewares and more. With all the mentioned techniques web development in laravel becomes easy and more maintainable.


Packages are one of the foundations of the laravel framework.Composer is used to install packages in the project. Using a package makes integrating some features very easy and less hectic.

Some of the packages that are common and mostly used:-

  1. Spatie library (For roles and permissions as well as media)
  2. Yajra package (For datatables)
  3. Passport (For APIs)
  4. Socialite (For integrating social sign ups in the project)


After the 3 months internship i went from a little knowledge about laravel to understanding the fundamentals and techniques related to laravel enough to build a website on my own. The internship helped me a lot both adding new skills and boosting creativity during the hard times. I would like to give thanks to Skybase Innovations Pvt. Ltd. and colleagues there for the opportunity and guidance.

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