My Internship Experience: Alina Gurung [Sales & Marketing]
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My Internship Experience: Alina Gurung [Sales & Marketing]

While I was wondering how will I utilize my time after college hour and to make it productive during my 4th semester I found it would be better to utilize it somewhere that matches my course of study as well as my needs. Fortunately I found Skybase Innovations, a perfect solution for all my dilemma.

My internship for Social Media Content Creator lasted for 45 days. These 45 days were the days where I got to know much more about different fascinating as well as exciting things related to digital marketing.

Things that I learned are as follows:

Social Media Advertising:

I get to know about the strategies for advertising and promoting products on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and so on which includes boosting, running advertisements, branding and many cool things.

Communication skills:

I was totally unaware of how communication skills work, especially at the office. But now I am well known and experienced in this field. I now  know how interaction with fellow colleagues and higher authorities works.. I am aware of the fact that communication skills makes you learn things from other person where  you lack in. And also now I can proudly say that I  know how we should address our clients and handle them via social media.

Word Play :

While writing in the news feed about the product, I realized the importance of world play to attract the customers towards our products. If there is presence of an attractive word then the chances to gain customers will be higher. This particular concept is  pasted in  my head.

Creative Skills:

I found development in my creation skills. While doing research and investing time on the particular topic, it boosted my level of knowledge about it. It resulted my confidence enhancement in the particular field .


In conclusion, I would like to say that even in these short working days of internship, I got to know much more about digital marketing far beyond the limitations of textbook knowledge. Being a BCIS student, apart from programming I learned the management and marketing aspects practically. Thank you Skybase Innovations Pvt. Ltd for giving me this opportunity and creating such a friendly working environment where I learnt so much in this short period of time.

Thank You ! 

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