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Meet the Skybase Team

We're a young, fresh team of developers based in Pokhara, and we're on a mission
to innovate and shake things up.

Sonam Hitang

CEO/Full-Stack Developer

Bikash Gurung

Operation and Project Manager

Aakriti Rouniyar

HR and Finance Officer

Anisha Thapa

Creative Head

Anupama Bajracharya

Back-End Developer

Aashish Bhandari

Back-End Developer

Samir Karki

Back-End Developer

Bidhan Marasine

Flutter Developer

Binayak Pokhrel

Flutter Developer

Barun Adhikari

QA Engineer

Ashish Acharya

Laravel Developer

Sujan Thapa

Front-End Developer

Kabita Banstola

QA Engineer

Basudev Thapa

React Developer

Bishan Gurung

QA Intern

Madhav BK

Front-End Intern

Mahesh Timilsina

UI/UX Intern

Anmol Malla

Digital Marketing Intern

What our creative Process
look like

  • 🎯 "Turning Visions into Victory: The Skybase Way to Define!"

    At Skybase Innovations, defining your project isn't just about outlining requirements; it's about sculpting dreams into strategic blueprints. We listen, we learn, and we latch onto your vision, turning abstract ideas into tangible roadmaps. With a blend of insightful research and creative thinking, we make sure your project begins with a win, right from the word go. 🏁

  • 🎨 "Designing Dreams: Where Imagination Meets Pixel Perfection!"

    Enter the creative chambers of Skybase Innovations, where ideas bloom and designs dazzle. Our design process is a celebration of creativity, adorned with sketches, prototypes, and final touches that breathe life into your brand. Every line, every color is chosen with purpose, resonating with your audience. It's not just about looking good; it's about feeling right. Let's paint your success story together! πŸ–ŒοΈ

  • πŸš€ "Delivering Excellence: Where Innovation Takes Flight!"

    Buckle up for a journey from development to deployment that's smooth, efficient, and absolutely thrilling! At Skybase Innovations, we don't just deliver; we dazzle. Our developers craft, our testers perfect, and our support team ensures that your product doesn't just reach the market; it conquers it. From the first line of code to the post-launch applause, we're with you, fueling your project with innovation, precision, and endless passion. Get ready for a launch that leaves a mark! ✨

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